Checklists to Promote Employee Health

Taking Action Doesn’t Have to Cost A Lot of Money

Check out these policies, strategies and actions to learn easy ways to have a high impact on employee health.

Healthy Eating | Physical Activity | Overall Well-Being and Stress Management

Strategies to Promote Healthy Eating in the Workplace

  • Providing access to a kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, and stove for meal preparation
  • Providing filtered water at no cost
  • Providing healthy vending machine options as alternatives to sodas
  • Discouraging advertisement of unhealthy foods on the premises
  • Provide access or incentives to participate in nutrition or healthy cooking classes, weight loss programs, health and nutritional coaching programs, local gardens
  • Provide access to nutritional educational materials and/or speakers on-site
  • Provide access to nutrition portals, such as that sponsored by American Diabetes Association/CDC
  • Encouraging employees to take a minimum of 30 minutes for lunch/dinner away from their desk
  • Serving healthy food options at staff and client meetings
  • Encouraging only occasional celebrations with food, as opposed to weekly birthday celebrations
  • Discouraging employees from routinely bringing high fat, sugar and salted foods and leaving them out in public places for other employees to eat
  • Discourage solicitation of employees at work to purchase unhealthy foods such as cookies and
  • Provide incentives to purchase food at local farmer’s markets or join food cooperatives

Strategies to Encourage Physical Activity During the Workday

  • Encourage active transportation to work, such as walking, biking or metro
  • Offer parking and security for bicycles
  • Provide access to exercise classes on-site or through discounted membership to a fitness center, gymnasium, or classes
  • Provide shower facilities to encourage exercise before, during or after work
  • Encourage employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Promote stretch and move breaks every two hours if sitting for long periods
  • Model “stretch and move” activities during long staff meetings/retreats
  • Participate in community-wide physical activity opportunities, such as sports teams, walking clubs, or races

Supporting Overall Well-Being and Stress Management

  • Support nursing mothers when they return to work by:

- Encouraging pregnant women and new mothers to breastfeed through the availability of easy to understand information.

- Providing a comfortable, private space for employees and clients to nurse or pump.

- Providing flexible breaks for employees to allow time for pumping milk.

- Ensuring availability of a refrigerator.

  • Provide speakers on stress management and reduction
  • Offer access to meditation, Tai Chi and/or yoga classes during work hours
  • Encourage employees to break for lunch
  • Encourage employees to engage in physical activity
  • Facilitate team building and morale boosting activities
  • Participate in EAP programs or providing access to counselors, on or off site