How do I know if someone has a drinking problem?

If they do one or more of the following, chances are the person has a problem-

  • She is using regularly and has to use drugs or alcohol to have a good time or cope with everyday life.
  • He starts hanging out with new friends who will do drugs with him or who can score drugs for him.
  • She shows up at school drunk or high or has skipped class to use.
  • He's broken plans with you, or showed up late, because he was getting drunk or high.
  • She shows little interest or drops out altogether from activities she once enjoyed, like sports or music.
  • He uses drugs or drinks when he is alone.
  • She has driven a car while high or drunk, or has ridden with someone else who was high or drunk.
  • He borrows money from you to buy drugs or alchol, or asks you to hold his drugs for him.
  • You feel you must babysit her when she is high from doing things she might regret, like having sex or getting into a fight with her parents.
  • He's having difficulty with family relationships and letting his family and friends down.

Note:  If you see yourself doing some of these things, you may want to evaluate your own relationship with drugs and alcohol by going online at