Volunteer Opportunities


Advocate/Policy Volunteer 

Research laws and regulations in Virginia and Alexandria that could be strengthened to support reducing alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use by youth in Alexandria. Present research at SAPCA Policy Workgroup meetings. 

Alcohol Awareness Month Volunteer 

Work with the youth in the Above the Influence Club at TC Williams High School to plan and implement various activities during Alcohol Awareness Month (held in the month of April, annually). Examples: Support youth during lunch time activities involving quiz questions and prizes, after-school - viewing of videos followed by discussion with students 

Community of Concern Dinner Volunteer  


Speaker: Take on one of the various speaking roles (script provided) during the program 

Event Helper  - Help with set-up & clean up, help with sign-in table, ensure parents & students fill out evaluation forms 

Data Entry 

Enter data from various feedback and evaluation forms into a spreadsheet. (Data from Risky Behaviors, wreckED, Kick Butts Day surveys) 

Op-ed Author 

During key months (Alcohol Awareness Month, Sticker Shock, National Prevention Week) write op-ed pieces for submission to local papers. SAPCA Communications Committee will review prior to submission. 

Parent Leadership Chat Group Host - SAPCA members help parents/guardians launch the group and facilitate the first session using the facilitator guide, "Connecting for Alcohol Free Youth: A Parent Discussion". We help parents engage in open dialogue with other parents about how to prevent underage drinking and drug abuse among their kids.

Recruit five to ten parents or other interested adults to attend a Chat Group. Arrange a location or host one at your own home for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Parent Leadership Chat Group Facilitator 

Lead a chat group through a facilitated discussion using a script provided by SAPCA. You will receive training.  

Prescription Drug Take Back Day Volunteer - SAPCA partners with local law enforcement for National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 

in April and September,10am to 2pm. Drop off locations are: Alexandria Police Headquarters, 3600 Wheeler Avenue; Del Ray Pharmacy, 2204 Mount Vernon Ave and First Baptist Church, 2932 King St.

Place flyers (provided by SAPCA) at community locations prior to Take Back Day. Disseminate information (provided by SAPCA) during Take Back Day at one of the locations. You can work a two or four hour shift.


Meet with and present to groups in the community about SAPCA’s work. (Faith groups, parent groups, business owners/leaders) You will be trained and provided materials. SAPCA’s Coordinator will help arrange specific presentation dates and groups.

Risky Behaviors Presenter – This collaborative workshop sponsored by SAPCA, Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy, and the Gang Prevention and Intervention Task Force helps parents understand why youth engage in risky behaviors. Parents and interested adults learn the warning signs to determine if their teen is using alcohol or drugs, is sexually active, or involved in a gang, and how to prevent and combat these risky behaviors.

Make presentations to parents at various community settings, after receiving training from current SAPCA members. Presentation times are between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Special Events Volunteer

Staff a table at various community events. You will disseminate SAPCA literature and talk to attendees about SAPCA’s work. These events are typically between two and four hours. Split shifts are available.

Sticker Shock Volunteer - Project Sticker Shock - During the campaign, teams of youth and adults visit stores in Alexandria to place "warning" stickers on multi-packs of beer, wine coolers and other alcoholic products, highlighting the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors. The event kicks off with a press conference at 720 North Saint Asaph St at 10 a.m.


Driver – Drive students to different businesses around the City during Project Sticker Shock. Must be a registered volunteer with Alexandria City Public Schools or a City Employee.

Business recruiter
– Ask businesses either via phone or in person to participate in Sticker Shock. List of businesses and recruitment forms will be provided. 

Event Helper – Help with set-up& clean up; pass out t-shirts; ensure students fill out feedback forms

wreckED Speaker - The Partnership at Drugfree.org's wreckED is a program that challenges teens to think more about their own and their friends' behavior regarding alcohol and other drugs, and to consider the consequences of getting involved. SAPCA members lead a workshop where they engage youth in answering real-life scenarios involving alcohol and other drugs. The workshop provides the facts and strengthens peer refusal skills.

Partner with Above the Influence youth to present wreckED to students in school and community settings, after receiving training from current SAPCA members.

Youth Leadership Conference Volunteer - Hosted by SAPCA and the Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy this two- (or three) day conference gives youth an introduction to leadership skills, social media, graphic design and public speaking.

Help with set up & clean up

Recruit speakers with expertise in the subject matters. 

Serve as a speaker on appropriate subject matter.