For Condo Owners

 A condominium, by definition, is a communal form of estate in property consisting of individually owned units, which are supported by collectively held facilities and areas. In exchange for the benefits of owning property in common, condominium owners agree to be agree to be bound by rules governing the administration, maintenance, and use of the property.

Are you a condominium owner interested in securing smoking restrictions in your building, including inside individual units?

Why make a condo complex smokefree?

In addition to the health-related harm secondhand smoke can cause, it can increase condo maintenance costs (for sealing and repainting walls and cabinets, replacing carpets, and cleaning the ventilation system) and decrease a unit’s resale

value. Trying to block smoke from drifting between units by using air filters, installing an exhaust fan, or sealing crevices is usually ineffective. Prohibiting smoking altogether is the only sure way to avoid unwanted exposure to this toxic substance.

See The Virginia Condominium Act.

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