Who We Are

SAPCA is an alliance of parents, youth, schools, city health and recreation agencies, media, nonprofits, businesses, policymakers and law enforcement whose MISSION is to engage diverse sectors of the community in collaborative, cross-cultural and comprehensive substance abuse prevention efforts that result in a reduction of underage substance use and abuse in the City of Alexandria.

SAPCA is a member of the Community Anti-Drug Coaliations of America, the nation’s leading drug abuse prevention organization, representing the interests of more than 5,000 community anti-drug coalitions in the country.

SAPCA uses a variety of community-wide strategies to accomplish our goals, which are outlined in our action plan. Each of these strategies represents a key element in building and maintaining a healthy community!

SAPCA's 2016 Annual Report.

Board Members:

Allen Lomax, chair, independent consultant
Teresa Tidwell, vice-chair, community member

Board of Directors:
Kim Hyde, PR/marketing, parent
William Johnson, retired, Alexandria Police Department 
Vacant, Deputy, Alexandria Sheriff's Office

Gregg Ladislaw, captain, Alexandria Police Department

Arnecia Moody, ACPS Lead Social Worker

Andrea Melara, Young Adult 

Gabi Del Cid, Youth 

Cadence Claypoole, Youth


Lauren Kiefert, SAPCA Intern

SAPCA By-Laws 


SAPCA Chair, Allen Lomax and SAPCA Board Member, Deputy Sheriff Monique Edwards 
SAPCA Chair, Allen Lomax and SAPCA Board Member, Deputy Sheriff Monique Edwards support Alexandria's children and their parents at the Community of Concern Dinner at George Washington Middle School.
SAPCA Vice-Chair, Shelly Morgan 
SAPCA Vice-Chair, Shelly Morgan, ask GWMS youth and parents to share what they value most.