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Community of Concern Dinner (10/22)

More than 150 tenth grade T.C. Williams students and parents attended a Community of Concern Dinner sponsored by the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria (SAPCA), T.C. Williams, and the Community of Concern (COC). Adults and youth engaged in conversations about the negative effects of alcohol and other drugs, and how to keep young people drug free. Parents can learn more by taking a brief on-line course using the COC's "Online Parent's Guide" - a virtual classroom created just for parents, by students, parents, and experts. SAPCA and T.C. Williams will sponsor parent/student substance abuse prevention activities throughout the school year.

Successful Sticker Shock Launch (10/10)

Teams of youth and adults from Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William and Fauquier counties and the City of Alexandria joined forces on October 10 to launch the first Northern Virginia regional Sticker Shock campaign, a youth-led initiative to educate adults who might be tempted to purchase alcohol legally and provide it to minors.

The event was covered by WJLA, Channel 8, the Alexandria News, Join Together, and the Community Anti-Drug Campaign of America's (CADCA's) newsletter.